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Professor Michael Mireles has taught over 10 different courses and currently teaches intellectual property law, Property and Wills & Trusts. He has published papers in numerous journals including, Cardozo Law ReviewUniversity of Maine Law ReviewUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City Law ReviewSouthern Methodist University Law ReviewUniversity of Denver Law ReviewUniversity of Michigan Journal of Law ReformUniversity of Utah Law ReviewIndiana Law ReviewTexas Intellectual Property Law Journal and University of Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology

Professor Mireles taught Cross Border Trade in Intellectual Property in the George Washington University Law School summer program, part of the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law and Tax Law in Munich, Germany. He has also taught at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law; China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing; Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou; and University of Salzburg. He has recently given academic presentations at Copenhagen Business School; Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition; Shanghai Jiao Tong University Koguan School of Law; Stanford Law School; VIT University Law School in Chennai, India; Wake Forest Law School; University of Kentucky Law School; and the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai. He recently co-organized an international conference at McGeorge on pharmaceuticals:https://scholarlycommons.pacific.edu/crp/. He has also co-organized conferences in India and Denver. 

Professor Mireles has been a guest blogger on the IP Kat blog and regularly blogs on the IP Finance blog, which was recently ranked in the top 60 intellectual property blogs worldwide. He coaches the Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Law Moot Court team, which has won a National Championship and many awards in the West region. He is advisor to the Intellectual Property Student Association, and co-advisor to the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association and the Latinx Student Association. 

Professor Mireles was an associate attorney at Downey Brand, practicing intellectual property and commercial law, and was a law clerk to Circuit Judge S. Jay Plager of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C. Professor Mireles received his JD from University of the Pacific, Order of the Coif, and LLM in intellectual property law from George Washington University Law School, with highest honors. He has served on the board of directors of several professional and community organizations, as Co-chair of the Federal Circuit Bar Association Diversity Committee, as President of the Asian Bar Association of Sacramento, and as a mayoral appointment to the City of Sacramento Racial Profiling Commission. He enjoys volunteering with nonprofits with his children, particularly with the refugee resettlement organization World Relief; and teaches intellectual property classes to local high school students.


BS, University of Maryland
JD, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific
LLM (Intellectual Property Law) George Washington University Law School

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Research Focus

Representative Scholarship and Activities

University Technology Transfer and Patents

Currents and Crosscurrents in Litigation of University and Nonprofit-related Patents: Is there a Coming Wave of Patent Litigation Involving those Patents? in Research Handbook on Universities and Technology Transfer (Edward Elgar 2020) (forthcoming) (with Teo Firpo).

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Patent Law

Responses to a Major Shift in Patent Exploitation in the United States, in International Intellectual Property Strategies (Larcier 2019) (invited).

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Trademark Law

Trademark Enforcement Issues in the United States: Bullies and Trolls, 19 No. 5 J. Internet Law 26 (2015) (invited).

Trademark Trolls: A Problem in the United States?, 18 Chapman L. Rev. 815 (2015) (intellectual property trolling symposium).

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Intellectual Property and Other Work

The Global Impact and Implementation of Human Rights Norms: Introduction, 25 PAC. MCGEORGE GLOBAL BUS. & DEV. L.J. 5 (2012) (introduction to human rights norms symposium) (with L. Carter, et al.).

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