• McGeorgeCareersOnline (MCO) — The CDO's online career management system where students and alumni can find job postings, access the CDO Document Library, and make advising appointments.
  • On-Campus Interviews — Every fall and spring, employers come to the McGeorge campus to interview students for internships and post-graduate employment. Find out more about the program and how to participate here (pdf).
  • BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank — This website gives you access to job bulletins from hundreds of law schools across the country (12 just in California). If you are interested in learning about career opportunities in other states, this is a great place to start. Find the username and password in the Documents Library on McGeorgeCareersOnline.
  • Reciprocity allows graduates from ABA-accredited law schools to use the employment resources of other ABA-accredited law schools' career services offices. McGeorge’s reciprocity policy can be found here (pdf). For more information on obtaining reciprocity, please see this handout (pdf). Current McGeorge students and alumni may begin the process to request reciprocity with other law schools by completing this form.
  • Capital Fellows Programs — The Capital Fellows Programs are an opportunity to engage in public service, prepare for a future career and gain experience under a seasoned mentor. Work for 10-11 months as a full-time member of a legislative, executive judicial branch office.
  • Judicial Clerkship Information — Judicial clerkships offer new graduates the opportunity to work closely with a judge for one or two years, gaining unparalleled insight into the judicial process and broad exposure to various areas of law. For more information, come to our workshops centered around State and Federal Judicial Clerkships, or see the handouts below.
  • Career Fairs — Career fairs and conferences offer a valuable opportunity for students to build their professional network and find employment and volunteer opportunities. 
  • CDO Funding Opportunities — The CDO offers funding opportunities for students to help further their professional development.
  • 3L Sprint to the Finish — We know there is a lot to consider during your final year in law school. The CDO provides third-year students with specialized programming throughout the year to help them navigate the home stretch.
  • Videos — The CDO has partnered with local attorneys, agencies and alumni to produce informational videos to assist students in their job search.
  • Career Handouts — The CDO has created a series of handouts on topics of interest to job seekers.
  • CDO Suggested Websites — The CDO has compiled a list of websites spanning a variety of topics, including bar associations, special interest organizations, job search resources, and law firm directories.
  • CDO Recommended Reading List — If you are interested in learning about practice areas, what you can do with your law degree, or where you might find public interest work, you are welcome to curl up in our lobby with a book from the CDO library. 


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