The Career Services Office is committed to providing students and alumni the tools and resources they will need for lifelong professional development. We help students and graduates discover and expand their options, and we teach them how to be at their best when looking for a job.

Career Skills

Career planning starts from the moment you step foot on the McGeorge campus. The CSO offers various services to help you develop skills that you will use for the rest of your career.

  • One-on-One Career Advising — Students and graduates can book appointments with career advisors to discuss career options, formulate an individualized career plan or job-search strategy, practice interviewing techniques, or to have their professional materials reviewed. Advising appointments can be made through McGeorgeCareersOnline.
  • Self-Assessment — Developing a career plan means first understanding what you want out of your career. The CSO provides tools for students and alumni to find the career path that best suits their strengths and needs.
  • Workshops and Panels — The CSO holds workshops and panels throughout the year that allow students and graduates a chance to learn about various practice areas and settings, network with legal professionals, and to develop lifelong career-building skills.

Leadership and Experience

The CSO provides comprehensive services to assist students and graduates in finding permanent, academic-year, and summer employment, as well as volunteer and leadership opportunities.

  • McGeorgeCareersOnline (MCO) is the CSO's online career management system. By registering with MCO, students and graduates have access to job and internship listings.
  • On-Campus Interviews (OCI) — Every fall and spring, legal employers are invited to the McGeorge campus to interview our students for summer and postgraduate positions. The bidding process is conducted through McGeorgeCareersOnline.
  • Videos and Handouts — The CSO produces a series of videos and handouts to give students and graduates quick and accessible information about various topics involved in the job search process. All of the videos and handouts can be found on the CSO Webpage.
  • Mock Interviews — The CSO hosts an Alumni/Faculty Mock Interview program where faculty and alumni conduct mock interviews and provide detailed feedback to student participants. Students and graduates may also schedule mock interviews with a career advisor throughout the year.
  • Leadership Opportunities — Lawyers are leaders. Part of being a leader is getting involved in the community. The CSO helps to pair students and graduates with pro bono opportunities that allow them to contribute to local communities, developing not only legal skills, but also leadership skills.

Professional Development

In today's legal market, 70% of graduates gain employment through networking and personal references. The CSO offers programs and services to help students and graduates develop their networking skills, as well as various opportunities to expand their professional network.

  • Alumni Advisor Network — We have more than 450 alumni who have volunteered to help students bridge the gap between the classroom and practice by offering advice and providing networking opportunities. Through MCO, all students have the ability to connect with alumni — these connections may be as basic as a single informational interview, or they may develop into a career-long mentoring relationship. Regardless of how students decide to use the Alumni Advisor Network, it is an invaluable tool when developing your professional network.
  • Networking Events — Throughout the year, the CSO partners with other groups on campus to host events that give students and graduates an opportunity to expand their professional network. Check out the CSO calendar to find the next event.


The CSO is available to assist current McGeorge School of Law students and graduates. Additionally, our office is happy to work with graduates and students of other ABA-accredited law schools in obtaining employment through the reciprocity process. Please see this handout (pdf) for more information on our reciprocity policy (pdf).


Career Services Office
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