The Federal Work-Study program was established by the federal government to provide support to students who require employment earnings to assist in financing their law school education. Work-study is a need based program and its earnings are considered a component of the student's financial aid award. McGeorge has allocated most of its federal work-study funds to jobs which are directly related to legal studies, so that the student not only earns support but, also, gains valuable practical legal experience from the federal work-study employment. There are a variety of federal work-study jobs available both on-campus and off-campus. All federal work-study openings are posted on the bulletin board located at the Financial Aid Office and on TWEN.

Students who are interested in participating in the federal work-study program must check with the Financial Aid Office to determine their eligibility for a work-study allocation. After you have been informed of your federal work-study eligibility and hired for a work-study position you must complete the required documents in the Financial Aid Office prior to starting your position.

McGeorge pays you and bills the employer for its share of the cost. A portion of each student's rate of pay is paid from the Federal Work-study allocation, while the other portion is paid from McGeorge or the off-campus employer.

Timesheets should be completed through web time entry every other Monday. Timesheets must be signed by both you and your supervisor. The timesheet must be submitted by your supervisor to the Financial Aid Office. You may elect to have your paycheck direct deposited into your checking or savings account or arrange to pick up the check at the Business Office.