Consistently ranked among the United States' top international programs, McGeorge School of Law is distinguished by the breadth and depth of our faculty's engagement with international and transnational law. Our scholarship influences policy and practice, and our pedagogy promotes intercultural competence and exposes students to global issues right across the curriculum. U.S. News & World Report has ranked McGeorge's International Law program among the top programs in the country for the seventh year in a row as No. 20 in the 2019 Best Graduate Schools guide.

The 2019 Global Center Annual Symposium will focused on "Changing Regulation of Pharmaceuticals: Issues in Pricing, Intellectual Property, Trade and Ethics." The 2018 Global Center Annual Symposium focused on the topic "Foreign Interference with Elections," and was co-hosted by the Capital Center for Law & Policy.

Read the Global Center's news — and exciting plans — in the Fall 2020 newsletter.

2021 McGeorge Global Center Online Symposium
Rethinking International Law for the Age of the Anthropocene

As illustrated by the fires in the Amazon and the inability of the international community to intervene when events such as this within one nation threaten the habitability of the planet, this symposium will examine whether international law is adequate or can be made adequate to the challenges presented in trying to reduce the climate crisis, potential mass extinctions, and other threats to the planetary ecosystem, as well as to dealing with the results of such environmental degradation, including the decrease of habitable lands and the mass migration of the deposed.

Amazon rainforest on fire