The Graduate & International Programs Center assists incoming and current international students and scholars to make smooth transitions at McGeorge and to have successful academic, professional, and social experiences. To assist in this effort, we will assist you with your visa documentations and offer the following special services:

Extended Orientation

Before the fall semester begins, we offer a special Orientation for international students. This orientation provides the students with an important overview of the program, an introduction to some of the faculty, and important information about what it takes to be successful at McGeorge. In addition, the extra time on campus gives students the chance to form bonds with other international students through school-sponsored social activities. Features of the orientation include:

  • Pick-up from the Sacramento International Airport or Amtrak Station
  • Shopping trips to purchase needed supplies
  • Individual counseling sessions with the Director of Graduate and International Programs
  • A Welcome Lunch with the Dean and the Faculty
  • Panel Discussion with McGeorge Alumni to provide advice and answer questions
  • Our Peer Mentor Program will partner you with a current student or Alumni who can help you navigate life at McGeorge
  • Coordinated social activities, such as a "movie night", an evening out at a local club in Sacramento, ice cream social, and student organization fair

Academic Excellence

International students at McGeorge study side-by-side with both U.S.-trained attorneys in the LLM program and JD students, which we believe provides an enriching learning environment for both U.S. and international students. That being said, we recognize that non-JD students, including LLM international students, need time to bond with each other and time to adjust to the pace of legal education in the U.S. The following courses are offered to meet these goals:

  • LLM Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis I & II — Designed for international students, the course focuses on providing foreign-trained lawyers with practical experience in legal research and writing and teaches them how to read U.S. case law critically, identify rules, interpret statutes, interview clients, ascertain the relevant facts and implement appropriate legal strategies.
  • Contracts/Analytical Skills — This graduate course offers a practical introduction to a foundational area of law, such as Contracts, and to the legal method. Students will learn best practices for studying law and developing foundational legal analytical skills so that they may read and understand case law, statutes, and regulations. These analytical skills will include IRAC rule-based methodology as a structure for legal analysis, case-briefing, outlining, and test-taking. Students will also practice negotiating and drafting agreements. This highly interactive course will utilize multiple formative and summative assessments. (For Graduate Students Only)

Additionally, McGeorge students have access to our legal writing specialist who will work closely with each of you, helping you develop your writing skills.

Career Development

Our Career Development Office offers a number of programs and events throughout the academic year specifically for International LLM students. Those services include:

  • Resume and cover letter workshops
  • Networking skills
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Salary negotiation tips
  • Participation in the prestigious ISIP job fair in New York. This fair is only open to member schools.

Student Life

Practicing legal skills doesn't always happen in classroom or during an internship. Student Organizations play an integral role in the campus environment and educational process for law students at McGeorge, and through them international students have access to additional social and academic opportunities sponsored by McGeorge Student Organizations. There is a Welcome Fair during the orientation that showcases all the student organizations and provides the opportunity to meet new people and get involved.

Living in Sacramento

  • On-campus Housing — There are plenty of rental opportunities in Sacramento, but the most convenient option for a student is to live on-campus. We have one or two bedroom, or studio apartments; both furnished and unfurnished are available. For more information, visit the Student Housing Office.
  • Location, Location, Location — Not only is Sacramento the capital of California, it is conveniently located to many major tourist attractions. You can easily travel to Lake Tahoe, the San Francisco-Bay Area, Yosemite, Los Angeles, or San Diego and explore the beauty and diversity of the state. Of course, Sacramento also has a vibrant local scene to enjoy – from Farmer's Markets to art festivals to concerts to outdoor activities, such as river rafting. To find out more about some of the current Sacramento happenings, visit the Sacramento News & Review or the Downtown Grid. Moreover, many of our staff are long-time residents of Sacramento and are happy to provide recommendations to restaurants, fun day trips, and more.


Contact Clémence Kucera, Director, Graduate & International Programs and Centers of Distinction
Email | 916.739.7353 or 916.739.7019