McGeorge has dual degree programs, in which — with advance approval — graduate credit earned in one program is accepted toward the degree from the other program.


Students must be admitted separately to McGeorge and to the school that will confer the Master's degree. Admittance to McGeorge does not guarantee admission by the other school.


Students who want to pursue a joint degree should consult with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs regarding their planned course of study. Please schedule an appointment with Interim Assistant Dean Rebekah Grodsky in the Office of Student Affairs at your earliest stages of planning.

Transfer of Credit

To be accepted by McGeorge as elective credit toward the JD unit requirements, the credit (1) must be for graduate level courses, and (2) must have been earned concurrently between initial matriculation and graduation from McGeorge.

Other Programs

Occasionally, a student may be interested in pursuing a Master's degree in an area in which a joint degree program is not available, such as history, international relations, or social work. The student should consult with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to determine if any credit for the Master's program coursework would be accepted by McGeorge. Upon approval of a written proposal, up to 6 units of credit may be accepted toward the JD degree.


An official transcript of completed Master's course work to be accepted toward the JD degree must be furnished to the Registrar; only the number of units (not grades) accepted are reflected on the McGeorge transcript.


Office of Student Affairs
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