Both the MPA and MPP degrees offer excellent employment opportunities whether you are just starting your career or are looking to advance in your chosen path. Our graduates are most often employed as analysts, managers, or executives in governmental, non-profit, advocacy, or consulting organizations.

Starting Careers

S. is deeply committed to youth. While pursuing his MPA degree, he worked at a leading children’s advocacy group. After earning his degree in 2019, he was hired in a relevant job by the State of California and promoted within nine months. MPA’19.

V. loves data and the environment. She did an Externship at the State Water Resources Control Board and an internship at The Nature Conservancy while earning her MPP (2018). After completing her degree, she joined the California Department of Conservation, where she made a positive impact doing both legislative advocacy and policy analyses. She recently accepted a position at regional management consulting firm. MPP’18.

T. is passionate about public service. During his studies, he did a Performance Analysis Report on street cleaning response times for the San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW). After earning his MPA degree in 2019, he joined the State of California Department of Finance, then joined the SFDPW as a budget analyst. A few months later he was selected to manage the capital budget of a State of CA Department with over 500 facilities and annual expenditures of over $100 million. MPA’19.

A. has broad interests. During his studies, he worked on housing policies. After earning his MPP degree in 2019, he found employment at the Department of Finance. His Area of Concentration in Environmental and Water Policy provides a foundation for success. MPP’19.

K. has a strong interest in politics, stimulated by her grandmother, an illegal immigrant from Germany who loved this nation. Upon completing the MPA program in 2019, she began working for a regional government auditing and consulting firm where she is now a senior consultant. MPA’19.

Advancing Careers

B. was already involved in public policy development when he began the MPA program, working at a small advocacy firm. He now works as an analyst with executives in the Department of Water Resources, especially on issues relevant to and affecting tribal governments. MPA’19.

B. has guided many outdoors sports and is a qualified Wilderness First Responder. Working as a water resources engineer when he started the MPA, he focused on combining water policy with his technical knowledge in the engineering field. Upon completing the MPA program in 2020, he was selected to the 2020 Water Leaders Class where he will continue to make a difference in the field of water resources management. MPA’20.

W. was an analyst for Covered California when she began the MPA program, working as the external affairs specialist and tribal liaison. After completing her MPA degree, she served as staff to the Assembly member chairing the California Latino Legislative Caucus. She is now Deputy Director of External Affairs at Covered California, doing outreach and engagement with elected officials and will continue to serve as tribal liaison. MPA’18.

S. provided free business services and development assistance for women-owned small businesses when she began the MPA program. She began her career as a program manager for the nonprofit Women’s Business Center (WBC) at California Capital Financial Development Corporation and was promoted to Director of WBC before completing her degree. MPA’19.

B. was already involved in education policy development and analysis when she started the MPA program. While working at the California Department of Education she helped develop California’s educational accountability system in 2016. Today, she continues to advance education reform as an Education Research and Evaluation Assistant Consultant. MPA’18.

K. loves data and her community. She worked as a program manager for a larger city when she started the MPA program in 2021. Less than a year into the program, she was promoted to Director of the newly established Office of Performance & Data Analytics. In her new role, she will continue to use her love of data to create and implement an integrated performance management program. MPA ’21.

R. was already involved in higher education policy when he began the MPA program in 2019. R. started as an analyst in the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and was promoted to specialist of the Facilities Planning Unit focused on capital outlay planning. MPA ’19.

J. was working in social services when she began the MPA program. She was selected by the Sacramento Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration to attend the National Annual Meeting of ASPA as a career development opportunity. Today, she manages emergency services for a large city and is completing a term as President of the Sacramento Chapter of ASPA. MPA ’19.

Changing Careers

J. began the MPA program in 2019 while also pursuing her J.D. degree (2018) at McGeorge. Finding great satisfaction in improving performance of local governments, she worked as a budget analyst for one small city and then moved to supervising a departmental administrative group for another small city. MPA,’19.

C. matched healthcare workers to employers for a private employment firm when he started the program. After completing the MPA program in 2018, he worked as an analyst in the California Department of Health Care Services and was soon promoted to a manager focused on integrated behavioral health care services. MPA’18.

K. was a cardiac monitor technician when she began the MPA program. During her studies she completed a six-month internship at a health advocacy group. K. earned her MPA degree in2019 and started her career as a program analyst at a significant health-care nonprofit. Sixteen months later she was promoted to Program Director, responsible for a multimillion-dollar program. MPA’19.

K. was a system administrator in government technology before starting the MPP program. During his studies, he did a one-year internship at the San Joaquin Council of Governments. After completing the MPP program in 2019, he began work as a Climate and Transportation Analyst for the Department of Housing and Community Development. MPP’19.

M. came to the program with an MA in Philosophy and several years of experience including managing elements of a foreign languages program and for a political and public affairs consulting agency. After earning his MPA degree, he started his career working for an international consulting firm that was founded more than 130 years ago. He is now a Senior Consultant. MPA’18.