The California Initiative Review (CIR) is a non-partisan, objective Web publication which provides comprehensive, independent analyses of California Ballot initiatives and related issues. The review is produced each year by the Capital Center for Law & Policy at our California Initiative Forum 2018.

At every statewide election in California, voters make choices about candidates and ballot propositions. Statewide ballot measures, including initiatives and referendums, are a form of direct democracy and allow voters to have a voice in the laws that will govern them.

In an effort to aid voters in exercising their choice, students in the California Initiative Seminar course at McGeorge study and analyze all statewide ballot measures for each California election. Their objective analyses are published here as the California Initiative Review (CIR).

In each analysis, you will find an executive summary of the report, followed by a section describing the changes that the proposition will make to existing law. Each analysis also details any other consequences that might result from the change in law, any drafting issues with the proposition language, and any anticipated constitutional challenges if the proposition passes. Finally, the analysis presents the policy considerations advanced by both the proponents and opponents of the measure.

The editors of the CIR publish the analyses of current measures in advance of the election date in an effort to give voters ample opportunity to consider the issues. Past initiative analyses and reports are published on a continuing basis.

How to Cite to CIR

An example of citing to a current initiative review

John Grimes, Proposition 10: State and County Early Childhood Development Programs, Cal. Init. Rev., (Fall 1998)

An example of citing to a past initiative review/h5>

Kerri L. Ruzicka, Proposition 63 (1986): English as the Official Language, Cal. Init. Rev., (Spring 2000)

Note: If your publication method does not support small capital letters, please use all capital letters. The date in parentheses (Fall 1998; Spring 2000) is the date the review was published and not the date accessed on the Internet.

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