• Proposition 1 — Property Taxes, Contaminated Property. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 2 — Transportation Fund Protection. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 3 — Partisan Presidential Primary Elections. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 4 — Wildlife, Body-Gripping Traps Ban, Animal Poison. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 5 — Tribal-State Gaming Compacts, Tribal Casinos. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 6 — Prohibition on Slaughter of Horses and Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 7 — Air Quality Improvement, Tax Credits. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 8 — Public Schools, Permanent Class Size Reduction, Parent-Teacher Council, Teacher Credentialing, Pupil Suspension for Drug Possession. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 9 — Electric Utilities, Assessments and Bonds. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 10 — State and County Early Childhood Development Programs. (initiative passed)

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For the complete text of the above initiatives, visit the California Secretary of State's website at www.ss.ca.gov