Federal regulations (CFR 668.34) require that a student must be making satisfactory academic progress in order to be eligible for federally assisted financial aid programs that include Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans and the Federal Work-Study program.

A student is making satisfactory academic progress at McGeorge School of Law for financial aid purposes if the student meets standards for continued enrollment with a cumulative GPA of 2.33 or higher pursuant to the Grading and Advancement Committee Rules, Regulations and Procedures.

Academic Probation

The Director of Financial Aid is responsible for monitoring the satisfactory academic progress of all recipients of federally assisted financial aid. At the conclusion of each academic year, the Registrar provides the Director of Financial Aid a list of all students on academic probation.

Students who have a cumulative GPA that falls within the range of 2.180 through and including 2.324 at the end of any academic year other than the final year are not making satisfactory academic progress. These students will be placed on academic probation and put on a year-long academic plan. Please read the Grading and Advancement Committee Rules for more information.

A student must submit a written petition to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee for approval to receive federal aid during the probationary year. The appeal must explain the poor performance and how the performance will improve during the probationary year. If the appeal is approved you will be eligible for federal Financial Aid but put on Financial Aid Probation.

During this probationary period your progress will be reviewed at the end of the fall semester. After the review, if it is determined that you are not making sufficient academic progress you will not be eligible to receive federal financial aid for the spring semester.

McGeorge School of Law will allow students to receive federal aid for a maximum of 84 months after they commence law study at McGeorge or a law school from which McGeorge has accepted transfer units. This time frame corresponds with ABA Standard 304(c).


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