A strong background in federal taxation

A basic understanding of the law of federal taxation is a valuable asset upon entering the legal profession. The Tax Law Concentration is intended to provide students the opportunity to pursue a focused and integrated course of study regarding federal tax law. Graduates with the Tax Law Concentration find employment opportunities as tax, business, or estate planning specialists in private firms. Accounting firms, corporations, real estate entities, charitable organizations, and state and federal governmental agencies are also interested in graduates with a strong background in federal taxation.

Students must complete the core and elective courses designated below. With prior approval, the concentration director may vary the requirements of this program in individual cases for good cause.

Core Courses (complete all) Units
Federal Income Taxation 3
Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships 3
Elective Courses (complete two courses) Units
Business Planning 3
Estate & Gift Tax/Estate Planning 3
Taxation of Real Estate Transactions 3
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions 3
Field Placement or Clinic with a tax law focus (advance approval required) 3