The intersection of environmental responsibility and society's impact

Water and Environmental law lies at the intersection of environmental responsibility and society's use of and impact on the natural world. Local, national and international laws govern myriad aspects of environmental law and vary from an extremely specific to a very broad focus. The Water and Environmental Certificate of Concentration provides McGeorge students with an opportunity to deeply explore the body of knowledge necessary to pursue a career working in environmental issues or in environmental law.

Students must complete three required and at least two elective courses as designated below for a minimum of 13 total units (nine required plus at least four elective units including a capstone). Not every course will be offered every academic year so please plan carefully. Please contact the Concentration Directors if you need course planning assistance.

One elective must be the capstone course with a significant writing requirement, as designated by the Concentration Directors each academic year. For Directed Research, Externships for Credit, or Legislative & Public Policy Clinic, work must be focused on water or environmental issues and approved in advance by the concentration directors. Upon request and approval, the Concentration Directors may vary the requirements of this program for good cause.

Courses — 13 units minimum
Core Courses (complete all three) Units
Administrative Law 3
Environmental Law 3
Water Law 3
Elective Courses (complete one or more from this list) Units
Climate Change Law & Policy 2 or 3
JD Directed Research (advance approval required) 1 or 2
Environmental Practice (capstone for 2019-2020) 3
Externships for Credit (advance approval required) 3
International Environmental Law 3
International Water Resources Law Seminar 3
Land Use Planning 2
Natural Resources Law 3
Ocean & Coastal Law 2 or 3
Elective Courses (optional to completeup to one from this list) Units
Introduction to Capital Lawyering 2
Legislative & Public Policy Clinic (advance approval required) 6
Local Agency Practice 2