Early start to school year: “Simply put, I’m ready to roar”

Cynia Manning

Cynia Manning is a first-year political science major from Stockton

Cynia Manning and Charlotte Oicles plan to take full advantage of University of the Pacific’s new Back to Pacific: Ready, Set, Roar! program, which will give registered students a head start on the 2021–22 school year.

The incoming first-year students have signed up for the five-week session (July 17 through Aug. 20) designed to help Pacific students acclimate or re-acclimate to on-campus learning and living.

Complete information on academics, events, housing and dining, financial aid and more can be found on the Back to Pacific: Ready, Set, Roar! website.

Cynia Manning

The first-year political science major from Stockton plans to work in the field of special education law. She has several reasons for enrolling in Back to Pacific: Ready, Set, Roar!

“The main reason I signed up is the amazing opportunities that will be provided,” Manning said. “I am able to knock out GE (general education) required courses, which will relieve my course load for fall and spring.

“Having student housing offered for summer is an amazing benefit. It allows us to still be connected with our peers all year round. Student life during the summer is jam-packed with exciting events that allow us to become more familiar with our campus.”

Having coped with the pandemic, Manning is eager to experience and embrace on-campus life.

“The pandemic has definitely been hard on my academics, but I have persevered and held up strong. Knowing that I have opportunities such as this will ease my post-pandemic stress,” Manning said.

Charlotte Oicles

Charlotte Oicles is a first-year student from Morgan Hill majoring in computer science

Charlotte Oicles

Oicles, a first-year student from Morgan Hill majoring in computer science, is interested in the fields of information security, programing and patent law. Oicles hopes to explore those areas more deeply during Back to Pacific: Ready, Set, Roar!

“I am participating in the program for several reasons. One, I have been learning remotely since March of 2020 and am very excited to go back to school,” Oicles said. “Furthermore, I hope that by moving onto campus in July, I can get my bearings and hit the ground running in the fall. And, finally, I am hoping to make some friends while attending some of the events and activities that are planned. Simply put, I'm ready to roar.”

Oicles anticipates multiple academic, social and residential benefits from Back to Pacific: Ready, Set, Roar!

“I am grateful for the ability to start with a few classes as opposed to a full schedule. I think this will make my transition easier and give me a chance to meet my counselors,” Oicles said. “From what I learned during my campus tour, student life promises to be very fun.”

Advice from new graduates

Randi Holguin ’21, who was president of Associated Students of the University of the Pacific during her senior year, said the Back to Pacific; Ready, Set, Roar! program will be a unique experience—one she would have gladly embraced as a student.

“I remember my first few years at Pacific I couldn’t wait to get back on campus to see my friends and attend programs and events. This initiative is such a special opportunity, especially this year after being away for so long,” Holguin said. “Building community is a highlight at Pacific and being able to do that before traditional classes begin is such a huge advantage. 

“I highly recommend taking advantage of this program. You won’t want to miss all the events and programs planned for you. And like I always have said and stand by 100%: Getting involved can make your experience at Pacific 100 times better.”

Jasmin Arenal ’21 said the five-week program has the potential to positively impact new students who mostly have not been on campus.
“I hope that Pacific students who have only experienced online instruction and interaction are able to establish a foundational relationship to Pacific’s campus and community, and that students get familiar with the resources available to them and genuinely have a holistic transition back to campus,” Arenal told The Pacifican student newspaper.