Highlighting 100 McGeorge alumni for school’s 100-year anniversary: Posts 1-10

Throughout 2024, the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law is celebrating members of its vast alumni network in honor of the school’s 100-year anniversary. These posts are part of a series highlighting 100 exceptional McGeorge School of Law alumni. 

As we continue publishing stories, we invite you to follow along and explore the stories of exceptional McGeorge alumni. This article spotlights ten McGeorge alumni who have emerged as formidable forces in their respective industries, making significant impacts on their communities and even extending their influence to the government level. McGeorge alumni pave the way for the next generation of law professionals, with their stellar career histories, continued dedication for justice, and status as leading experts in their fields.  

Collage of McGeorge alumni

First 10 out of 100 McGeorge School of Law alumni highlighted for its 100-year anniversary.

Tia Boatman Patterson, ‘94

Tia Boatman Patterson, ‘94, is recognized nationally as a policy expert in affordable housing, community development, small business, and economic development. She served as a special assistant to four Speakers of the California State Assembly and in the Executive Office of the U.S. President’s Office of Management & Budget. 

The Hon. Jack Duran, ‘02

The Hon. Jack Duran, ‘02, currently serves as a Chief Judge for Indian tribes in California, Nevada, and South Dakota, in addition to maintaining a thriving law practice. In 2021, Duran was named as the Chief Justice of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Supreme Court in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Duran is a member of the McGeorge School of Law Diversity Alumni Board and has served as a mentor to many law students and newly licensed attorneys.

Kristine Kwong, ‘92

Kristine Kwong, ‘92, has trained over 1,000 government agencies and college districts. Kwong has litigated cases in both federal and state courts throughout California involving labor, student issues, and operational compliance. She represented clients within the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office of Administrative Hearings, the Public Employment Relations Board and the National Labor Relations Board. Her knowledge and leadership resulted in community recognition as a minority leader of influence.

Darrin Lim, ‘04

Darrin Lim, ’04, is the co-founder and partner of Politicom Law LLP, an innovative and leading political compliance law firm. Lim supports some of the largest corporations throughout the U.S. to efficiently navigate the patchwork of campaign finance, lobby disclosure, and ethics laws. In addition, Lim is very active with the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws and is a passionate supporter of McGeorge School of Law. Lim is a founding member of the McGeorge Diversity Alumni Board.

Steve Martini, ‘74

Steve Martini, ‘74, is a New York Times bestselling author. He wrote a 17-book series called Paul Madriani. He came to Sacramento in July 1970 from Los Angeles as the Capitol correspondent and bureau chief for the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Martini wrote news, practiced law, worked for the state government, and lobbied in and around Sacramento for 22 years, between 1970 and 1992.  

Analea Patterson, ‘03

Analea Patterson, ‘03, is the secretary of cabinet affairs for California Gov. Gavin Newsom and manages the state government for the fourth largest economy in the world. Patterson has served in all three branches of government and in private law practice. While working in private practice, Patterson led her firm’s national pro bono legal and legislative collaborative project with nonprofit entities to close legal loopholes that prevented full prosecution and denied justice to victims of sexual extortion.

The Hon. Johnnie Rawlinson, ‘79

The Hon. Johnnie Blakeney Rawlinson, ’79, was the first woman and the first Person of Color to serve on the Federal District Court in Nevada. In addition, Judge Rawlinson was also the first African-American woman to sit on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Rawlinson is a member of the Federal Judges Association, State Bar of Nevada, California State Bar, National Bar Association, American Bar Association, American Law Institute, and Duke University Board of Visitors. 

Justice Arthur Scotland, ‘74

The legal career of the Hon. Arthur Scotland, ‘74, spanned over four decades, including 23 years on the bench. During this time, he received numerous honors for his commitment to justice, civility, diversity, and inclusion. He was appointed a Judge of the Sacramento County Superior Court in 1987 and an Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, in 1989, then Presiding Justice of the court in 1998. As Presiding Justice, he started an award-winning outreach program holding oral arguments before students in high schools within the court’s jurisdiction.  

Mark Slaughter, ‘02

Mark Slaughter, ‘02, has dedicated over 20 years to the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office and has handled cases ranging from traffic infractions to homicides. Slaughter is the supervising attorney of the Juvenile Division of the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office. He has worked with Juvenile Justice Partners to develop a Juvenile Trauma Response court to support youth who have experienced significant trauma and find themselves in the juvenile system.

Vida Thomas, ‘93

Vida Thomas, '93, has been practicing law for over two decades. In that time, she has conducted over 200 workplace investigations and serves as an expert witness in state and federal employment lawsuits and mediates litigation and non-litigation matters. She is currently the managing partner of Oppenheimer Investigations Group LLP. Additionally, she serves on McGeorge School of Law’s Diversity Alumni Board and regularly speaks to law students about topics related to diversity. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts as we celebrate the law school’s centennial anniversary in 2024. 

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