WHEREAS, the McGeorge faculty recognizes the systemic racial and societal injustices that arise from structural racism and explicit and implicit biases, that these forces have existed since the foundation of our nation, and the effects of these forces are manifest in all facets of our society;

WHEREAS, the McGeorge faculty recognizes that, in our criminal justice system, Black and Brown people systematically experience dramatically unequal and inequitable treatment, including, for example, disparities in stops, frisks, police violence, exercise of prosecutorial discretion, bail, convictions, sentences, and reentry prospects;

WHEREAS, the McGeorge faculty recognizes that our entire legal system operates in myriad ways that preference white people and disadvantage people of color;

WHEREAS, the McGeorge faculty recognizes that higher education institutions, including McGeorge, have struggled and, in many instances, failed to create environments that sufficiently nurture the talents and intellects of our faculty, staff, and students of color and instead cause them pain, leaving far too many of them feeling alienated, disrespected, and unsupported;

WHEREAS, the McGeorge faculty recognizes that, given the pervasiveness of racial injustice, our continued inaction and silence would be a ratification of that injustice;

WHEREAS, the McGeorge faculty recognizes, however, that any efforts to promote equity and inclusion must not silence or disaffect students, faculty, and staff who do not agree with all of the steps being undertaken and must not trample on academic freedom;

WHEREAS, the McGeorge faculty recognizes our essential role as educators to develop our students’ intellects, skills, and professional values, to fight ignorance and intolerance, and to nurture our students, and that, as the ABA law school in the capital city of the world’s sixth largest economy, McGeorge has a particular responsibility to advocate for change and work with our state and local governments to address inequities;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the McGeorge faculty unanimously and unequivocally states that Black Lives Matter, certifies our active commitment to help McGeorge become and remain an antiracist institution, and reaffirms our duty to promote equal and equitable justice under the law for all.