I'm a 1L. Can I use CDO resources?

Yes! You are invited to all of our professional development and career skills programs, as well as to our web page, where you'll find a plethora of career-planning resources.

Our professional association (The National Association for Law Placement, or "NALP") advises that you focus on your studies rather than on job search activities during your first semester. That is why we wait until November to hold our Map Your Career: 1L Orientation to the CDO program, after which we invite you to make one-on-one appointments with our career advisors and utilize our online career management system, McGeorgeCareersOnline.

When should I start thinking about internships/externships?

The timeline for applying to an internship or externship depends on the individual position. For more information, see our Hiring Practices Guide, Career Map, 1L Timeline, or make an appointment with one of our career advisors.

How do I set up an advising appointment?

All advising appointments can be made through McGeorgeCareersOnline.

Can I do a mock interview at the CDO?

Yes, current students and graduates of McGeorge may schedule mock interviews with a CDO career advisor through McGeorgeCareersOnline. We also hold an Alumni/Faculty Mock Interview program in the spring.

Can my resume/cover letter be reviewed without an appointment?

Students and graduates may submit their resumes and cover letters to be reviewed at any time. The CDO staff does its best to return materials within forty-eight hours. Documents may be submitted in person or to lawcareers@pacific.edu.

I am an alumnus and live far away. Can I talk with an advisor by phone?

Yes. Our career advisors are more than happy to hold advising appointments over the phone. Just like in-person appointments, phone appointments can be made through McGeorgeCareersOnline.

Do you review writing samples?

We can review writing samples for basic formatting and grammar, and we can discuss which writing sample to use and what you need to include on your writing sample cover page. If you are interested in having the substance of your sample reviewed, we recommend that you contact your professor or McGeorge's Global Lawyering Skills Writing Tutor.

How do I get funding for a conference?

McGeorge students are eligible for up to $150 (per student, per academic year) in funding to help defray the costs associated with attending professional conferences and recruiting events. To request funding, please complete the Conference Reimbursement form. You will be asked to provide general information about the event, its relevance to your professional development and student community interests, and a list of estimated expenses. Priority will be given to requests that contribute to and further the goals of McGeorge School of Law.

When do you have free popcorn?

We make popcorn Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, around 2 p.m. We also have free coffee and candy every day.

Additional Questions?

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